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We guarantee the expert supervision of the whole process during the map production, from exposure of your OCD filesmap, scanning, graphic composition, advertisement composition, map drawing based on your sources, track drawing to the map printing, track printing, composition and printing of the other components for orienteering or archiving on CD-ROM.


  • O-ringen 2005-2019
  • WOC 2018 Sigulda, WOC 2017 Tartu, EYOC 2017 Banska Bystrica, EYOC 2016 Jaroslaw, EOC 2016 Jesenik, WC 2016 Wroclav, WMOC 2015 Göteborg, WUOC 2014 Olomouc, JWOC 2013 Hradec Králové, WC 2011 Liberec, JWOC 2011 Wejherovo, EYOC 2011 Jindřichův Hradec, Euromeeting 2010 Turnov, WOC 2009 Miskolc, WOC 2008 Olomouc
  • WMTBOC 2015 Liberec, WC MTBO 2012 Praha, WC MTBO 2007 Nové Město na Moravě
  • 25manna 2019, OO Cup 2019, Tiomila 2019, OO Cup 2018, Tiomila 2018, OO Cup 2017, Tiomila 2017, OO Cup 2016, Tiomila 2016, OO Cup 2015, OO Cup 2014, Croatia Open 2014, Croatia Open 2013, Croatia Open 2012, Tiomila 2012, Spring Cup 2010, Tiomila 2009, Spring Cup 2009, OO Cup 2007
  • Czech national championships…

To print your maps we need

For map printing:

  • the map files in OCAD ( sent by e-mail) + used fonts !!! or *.eps files for each colour 
  • printed copy of the map (sent by fax) 
  • colour patterns of advertisement (in case of advertisement printing please discuss the applicability of the sources)

For track printing:

  • description of all control points 
  • drawing of all control points 
  • the tracks drawing particulary in maps or OCD files or EPS files 
  • for track drawing the strings of control points 

Some comments to map printing:

Colour setting warning: if it is possible do not define a new colours, especially if it should be printed in IOF colours

Charts of colours

  • IOF colour printing: it is recommended to use the same colour chart also for potencial advertisement 
  • CMYK or CMYKB colour printing: it is possible to use for potencial advertisement another colours, but do not change the IOF map key colours (the advertisement could be in another file format - *.cdr, *.ai, *.eps, *.tif…)

What can we do for you:

  • map scanning 
  • graphic composition, advertisement composition 
  • map drawing based on your sources 
  • track drawing 
  • map printing 
  • track printing
  • composition and printing of the other components for orienteering 
  • archiving on CD-ROM